Embraced evolution by investing in resources that help the World.
Jacques Leviant, Founder

Jacques Leviant, Founder

Our History

ICD first opened it’s doors in New York as a global bulk chemical trading company.


70-year history

ICD Group is a quintessential family business with a 70-year history. Founded in 1952 by Jacques Leviant, ICD first opened it’s doors in New York as a global bulk chemical trading company. For the next 3 decades, ICD enjoyed major success and growth as one of the first companies able to manage Western and Soviet foreign trade of each other’s natural resources. Capitalizing on this growth, ICD expanded to include new lines of business such as metals, plastics, and pigments, as well as opened global offices in Asia and South America. By the beginning of the 21st century, and with the rise of the internet, ICD embraced evolution by investing in resources that help fuel high-tech’s need for specialty raw materials.

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Over 50 countries worldwide

Today, ICD has grown into a major international conglomerate with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. Our focus remains in the manufacturing, trading, and distribution of specialized commodity products for today’s modern markets. ICD’s joint venture arrangements with suppliers, modern processing facilities, global logistics network, and unparalleled customer service is what enables us to supply products of uniform quality at the most competitive prices.

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Our Vision

As a family business, it is our goal to provide the utmost level of service, integrity, and quality in all that we do, cornerstones of our business since its inception. In that 70-year history, ICD has never once broken a single contractual obligation, proving our commitment as a trusted partner and ally to our clients.

Our mission statement is as follows:
To lead and grow a family of strong, innovative companies that uphold our ethical principles.
Our Values:
This mission statement is further underlined by our values, which dictate every action we take in all aspects of business.


We treat our customers and suppliers with integrity, always engaging with them honestly and transparently.


We are passionate about what we do and pursue excellence every day.


We are proud to be family-owned and promote a sense of community within our companies


We are forward-thinking and quick to adapt to change.

ICD Group is comprised of the following companies:


ICD Alloys and Metals

ICD A&M specializes in the recycling, procurement, processing and supply of a wide range of specialty metals and alloys. ICD A&M supplies the North American and South American markets with prime metals, ferroalloys, binary alloys and vacuum-processed nickel and cobalt revert.



United Mineral & Chemical Corporation is a leading global distributor of chemicals, pigments, various raw materials, natural ingredients, high-purity metals and components to a global customer base.


ICD Far East

Based in Guangzhou, ICD Far East provides sourcing, sales and logistics support to the ICD Group’s global businesses. For over 10 years, ICD Far East provides unique access and insights to this strategic market.


ICD America

ICD America is an international wholesaler with exclusive concessions to supply and distribute synthetic resins, and selective chemicals worldwide. Our experience and expertise in buying and distributing commodity or specialty resins can assist producers in reaching new markets, and customers in sourcing new channels of supply.


ICD Europe

ICD Europe are experts in the procurement, processing and supply of a wide range of specialised metals and alloys. From our strategic global locations, we directly supply consumers in a wide variety of industrial sectors including the aerospace, medical, petrochemical, automotive, electronics and industrial gas turbine industries.


ICD Melting Solutions

ICD Melting Solutions expands the value ICD brings to the market by enhancing the capabilities we deliver for our customers. ICD Melting Solutions strategically partners with customers to provide custom solutions using electric arc furnace, AOD, and toll processing. We use refined nickel and cobalt to produce ingots and pigs to specified customer needs.


Our Planet

Beyond our commitment to our partners, ICD also operates with a commitment to our planet. Sustainability is one of the foundations of our decades-long success, which is why we operate with the strictest adherence to international safety laws and standards such as FSC, PEFC, CARB and ISO.

ICD is constantly exploring and finding new ways to maintain environmental safety, including the safety of the communities in which we work. We’ve invested heavily in recycling facilities, including one of the most modernized and sophisticated rare metal recycling operations in North America and Europe. At ICD, ensuring the safety of our environment, staff, health, and human rights is our priority.

Alexandre Leviant

ICD’s current CEO and second generation leader
We are constantly investing and putting significant resources towards two things: our talent and the value that we bring to our customers. We take pride in honoring our rich company history, while also embracing the future.
Alexandre Leviant