ICD Group’s charitable initiatives are driven by our core values: Passion, Integrity, Family, and Agility. The charities and organizations we support vary widely, ranging from international operations to local youth sports teams. The common thread is our belief that these organizations, too, uphold these shared values. They may vary in practice, location, and size, but all contribute to bettering our global communities.

ICD Group is dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility

ICD’s philanthropic activities are as active, diverse, and impactful as ever as we strive to make a difference in our world. We continue on the work started by our founder, Jacques Leviant, to support causes that align with our values:
  • Integrity – Treating all people with integrity, always engaging honestly, compassionately, and transparently.
  • Family – Fostering and supporting a safe, healthy and positive global community
  • Passion –Passionate about effecting positive change and making real impact towards the causes we support.
  • Agility – Ability to react quickly and decisively alongside the causes that need it most.

Charitable initiatives

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